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There are no hard and fast rules to follow when deciding who will pay for which wedding service. It will depend on individual circumstances and what you desire for your wedding day. Do try and achieve the best day you can afford as the memories can last a lifetime and you will be pleased that you did in future years.

If trying to keep to a lower budget then its worth having a midweek wedding as virtually all of the wedding services will be reduced in cost. Whatever you decide take your time and get lots of price comparisons before you book the wedding services.

Listed below are some links to websites that will guide you as to who pays for what, although do remember it is just a guide.

This website breaks down the cost of the individual services. Its surprising how quick they add up


Wedding Budgeting

A list of who traditionally pays for which services, plus other useful wedding related information


Planning And Ideas

This link details who pays for the modern wedding plus some other interesting links


Modern Wedding Bill

Another site with good info and other stuff related to planning your dream wedding


Who Pays For What ?

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The answer to this question, who pays for what, is a difficult one to answer exactly. Traditionally it used to be the bride’s family that would come forward to settle most of the bills, but nowadays the cost is much more evenly split.

The simplest of civil marriages can cost around £50 but the majority of weddings now cost between £5,000 and £15,000. Its surprising how it adds up so quickly when booking the various services.

Its wise to establish early on if you are getting financial help from your family so that you can budget your contribution.

You may be surprised that your family can help more than you expected, as they will probably have been putting some money aside knowing that your wedding day would eventually arrive.

Who Pays For What ?

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